SMF SSI.php Functions

Current Version: 1.1

This file is used to demonstrate the capabilities of SSI.php using PHP include functions.
The examples show the include tag, then the results of it. Examples are separated by horizontal rules.

To use SSI.php in your page add at the very top of your page before the <html> tag on line 1:
<?php require("SSI.php"); ?>

Recent Topics Function: <?php ssi_recentTopics(); ?>

Recent Posts Function: <?php ssi_recentPosts(); ?>

Recent Poll Function: <?php ssi_recentPoll(); ?>

Top Boards Function: <?php ssi_topBoards(); ?>

Top Topics by View Function: <?php ssi_topTopicsViews(); ?>

Top Topics by Replies Function: <?php ssi_topTopicsReplies(); ?>

Top Poll Function: <?php ssi_topPoll(); ?>

Top Poster Function: <?php ssi_topPoster(); ?>

Topic's Poll Function: <?php ssi_showPoll($topic); ?>

Latest Member Function: <?php ssi_latestMember(); ?>

Board Stats: <?php ssi_boardStats(); ?>


Who's Online Function: <?php ssi_whosOnline(); ?>

0 , 0

Log Online Presence + Who's Online Function: <?php ssi_logOnline(); ?>

0 , 0

Welcome Function: <?php ssi_welcome(); ?>


News Function: <?php ssi_news(); ?>

Board News Function: <?php ssi_boardNews(); ?>